Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bombshell Party Day 3

Are you having fun partying at the Bombshell Forum? Today's game is Bombshell Sentiment Match. See if you can match the Bombshell set with it's sentiment. Don't forget to post your answers at Gamblers Anon by midnight tonight for a chance to win a prize. Good luck! 

1. Custom Choppers               A. Whoa There!
2. Kustom Kulture                   B. Gas It Up
3. Horsing Around                   C. Drink Up
4. Hawaiian Girl                       D. It's Your Lucky Day
5. Man's Ruin                           E. Loud and Fast
6. Vintage Raceway                  F. Live to Ride
7. Growing Hearts                    G. Wanna Lei
8. Mermaid Treasure                H. What a Girl Really Wants
9. Girl's Ruin                              I. The Heart Grows Fonder
10. Western Gal                        J. Yee Haw

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