Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bombshell Party Day 2

It's Day 2 of  Bomshell Stamps' party. Time for another game. Today's game is Bombshell Stamp Match. Can you match the stamp set with the stamp? Don't forget to post your answers on the Bombshell forum at Gamblers Anon by midnight on Nov. 2 for a chance to win a prize. Good luck!

1. Mermaid Anchor                            A. Lil Devil
2. King of the Road                            B. anchor & rope
3. Harley Bikes                                   C. swallow
4. Love and Luck                                D. classic coupe
5. Speed Shop                                    E. classic Cadillac
6. Ahoy Sailor                                     F. candle
7. Retro Cowgirls                                G. goggles & helmet
8. Bombshell Angel                              H. pistol
9. Alter Skulls                                       I. V-twin engine
10. Vintage Motorcycle                        J. dolphins

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