Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two Cards

I received 2 cards a few weeks ago that I'm finally getting around to sharing. The first is from my Secret Sister. Sorry I've taken so long to thank you. I love the image. It's so pretty and you did a great job of coloring it. The DSP is perfect with this image. Thank you SS.

The second card is a store bought card from my BFF Kathy. We've been friends for over 20 years and have joined Weight Watchers together many times during our friendship. Recently we've joined again and are trying to get back on track. This card is us to a T! 

If only the WW Prrogram worked that way!! LOL!!

Thank you SS and BFF for thinking of me and making me smile.


  1. Great cards! Good luck with WW hope you and your friend do well.

  2. Cute SS card. Love the papers and the image is so pretty!

    LOVE the WW card!!! Isn't it funny how we "think" while we're on a diet!! I really need to get back to counting points...after vacation! :) Good luck with your journey!


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