Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Brown Bag Pouches

The Meade Girls, a group of very talented women that I stamp with, had their holiday celebration on Saturday. It was a fun day filled with special friends, good food and lots of laughter. I made each of my friends a hot chocolate pouch to wish them a Happy Holiday.

These brown bag pouches were inspired by some that I saw on two blogs - Beth-A-Palozza and Mish Mash. The top of the bag is cut off so the bag measures 8 1/2-9 inches. Then I folded up the bottom of the bag and stitched around the 2 sides and bottom. This makes two pouches one short one in the front where I put candy and a candy cane and a taller one in the back where I put a package of hot chocolate mix.  I embellished with a border, ribbon, a brad and the scalloped sentiment and slipped a dollies into the front pocket. You can make them as fancy or as simple as you want.

These pouches could be used for lots of things - small packets of coffee or teas with individually wrapped cookies, pencils and pens and notepads, even some hand made notecards with stamps. For kids you could put in a box of crayons or makers, some fun stickers, some stamped cardstock with simple images that they can color to make cards for their friends. I'm sure you can think of lots of ways to use these fun and easy to make pouches.


  1. Paula, thanks for posting this. I was examining mine last night to see how it was made so I can MAYBE make some (you know me!). they are so cute. Thanks. Rose

  2. Paula... These are so awesome!! I will be adding them to my Pinterest account as something I NEED to try!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful instructions and awesome creation!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. These are adorable, what a fantastic idea!

  4. Very cute indeed. I think it would be fun receiving something like this. How nice to have a stamping group too.

  5. As a recipient of one of these little gifts, I can vouch for how ADORABLE they are!!! I couldn't wait to try to make one! Thanks, Paula, for the inspiration!!


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