Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stamping Party

Last Saturday I stamped with my two favorite crafting buddies - my granddaughters - and seven of their friends! It was so much fun. Here's what we made...

Mother's Day cards
 It's a pocket card. When you pull up the flowers it says "Happy Mother's Day".

Spring baskets
Each girl got to pick a small stamp set, an acrylic block , a small stamp pad and some card stock to put in their basket. IRL they are very sparkly!


Gatefold Birthday Cards
The girls loved stamping with Versamark!

I think all of the girls did a great job for eight year olds and had a fun time. I know I did and I got the best thank yous from my granddaughters -   lots of hugs and kisses!


  1. Wow!! What great projects!! I'm sure you ALL had a great time! Lots of future stampers!

  2. Shyanne had such a great time :) Thank you so much! ~ Denecia

  3. You sure those were 8 year olds. They did an awsome job.

  4. You must have been a wonderful teacher to help these young ladies make the beautiful projects you show. Now teach me?


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